Kinjal (760, V44 Q49)

Rajat Sadana
over 5 years agoDecember 29, 2014
Key Take Aways:

1. Use of Error Logs
2. Timing: Never take it for granted
3. Brute force methods to save on time.
4. CR Prethinking - How does it help
5. SC Meaning and Logic: How does it help.

Kinjal's debrief:
over 5 years agoJanuary 15, 2015
One question - 
Which are the gmatprep mock exams that Kinjal talks about during his interview (37.40 to 37.60)?
Can you please share the link and then I can try and judge myself against them. 

Rajat Sadana
about 5 years agoJuly 8, 2015
Dear Mayank, => Please post your question on Kinjal's debrief here:
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